A Healthy Resort to Thrive Sustainably

Travel invigorates.

There is nothing new about the benefits of breaking away from your daily routine and recharging that proverbial battery. Whether opting to explore the farthest corners or finding your serenity closer at home, new surroundings can offer that recharge. Let’s face it – we all benefit from it.

When challenges on a global scale arise, the essence of having that much-needed break becomes even more adamant. With the ongoing pandemic still lingering on, the growing trend of finding wellness and health retreats is on the rise. A beach may not cut it any longer with the strains of these times leaving marks on our health. According to the latest numbers of various leading government tourism associations, the wellness sector is expected to grow exponentially.

Numerous deals – from Ayurveda to weight-loss, all-inclusive deals with healthy meals incorporated – are flooding the market. With this comes an ever-growing collection of health retreats; they are really popping up like mushrooms. The trend is growing even more as health and wellness awareness is on an incline. Clients seek out these therapeutical means to get back on track and soak in local culture while being guided by local health experts. All to alleviate their stress levels and to ease back into their daily groove of life.

Yet, it is more often temporary than permanent. 

Plenty of choices out there to jump onto the health bandwagon when getting back in shape is on your mind. Retreat offer anything from full day to 7-day rekindling packages. But these ‘limited’ times to work on one’s health are booked more often as a temporary solution (bucket list material?) as to taking up a more permanent spot in one’s life. Research has shown that more than 70% of these wellness customers feel they have done what they thought they needed to do but do not continue. 

Health isn’t handed on a golden platter to you when checking out at one of these sanctuaries. It is here where accountability from the guest, the participant, the client comes into play. If they are truly keen on getting on a thriving path, consistency is the keyword here. Especially when being back home and reliving these moments of serenity.

From a resort perspective, following up after check-out may be a hole in the market. Ideas such as incorporating an app, scheduled online consultation calls, or perhaps (a) revisits to pursue new thriving roads when older paths do not work, can be means to consider. Customer retention can be higher, the success to thrive may be higher, and incorporating this with today’s technology is now easier than ever.

The path to a healthier “you” is not captured in a couple of days at a wellness resort.

Just like my nutrition coaching, I offer no short-term solutions to get you continuously thriving. It is an ongoing journey where coaching from health experts ensures these visits are not simple “on-off” experiences. It may fuel your wanderlust on a whole new level but it may not be solving the path to get you back on track.

Consistency is key to thrive sustainably.

Part of courage is simple consistency. | Peggy Noonan

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