The Neat Thing about N.E.A.T.

Like firing up your motorbike or turning on your coffee machine, to make things move and work, energy is required. Not rocket science so far, I hope.

Be it in the form of gasoline, wind or water, the driving force behind almost any movement is adding the right fuel source to it and keeping it properly topped up. I am not taking this to the science E = Mc2 levels (I dumped these classes at an early stage), but just like my coaching methods, I keep it simple and practical. 

It is no secret that our body needs fuel to work (again, duh). And in particular high-grade fuel is preferred (like premium gasoline to avoid quicker wear and tear). Food is the primary source of making things work for our body. The nutrients with every bite come with various sources of fuel that keeps us alive, does the repair work, make things grow, and stimulate our nervous systems to make us…move. And this relates to what we can control and those things that move automatically.

Our daily total energy expenditure is divided into various categories, which I leave aside for now. Yet when your caloric intake (your fuel) exceeds that of what your body actually burns, the chances that excess spillage flows over into body fat may happen. In these cases, additional movement can be one of the solutions to get your bodily engines working harder. And the beauty of this is that you can add this to your daily energy expenditure without hitting the gym every day (which I don’t recommend anyway).

It is here where NEAT comes into play.

NEAT is an acronym for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. As I like to keep things simple, this envelops all your mindfully performed daily movement that does not include intentional exercise. It is an underestimated form of energy going out, once you wish not only to shred those few extra kilos through conscious nutritional choices. It goes beyond adjusting your physical appearance to thrive as it also has mental benefits.

Peer-reviewed studies have proven that NEAT can contribute to up to 10% of the total energy we burn daily. It may feel like a small number, I agree. But knowing that more than 50% of your bodily needs are burnt through automated processes, NEAT can definitely impact your overall energy out.

There are numerous ways to boost your NEAT and can be an effective way to keep you thriving!

I move, therefore I am. |  Haruki Murakami

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