Broader Perspectives of Dieting

Is it all just that simple?

Controlling our calories in and calories out through mindful practices and habit changes, the hues and rhythms of dieting all revolve around food and drinks. As if the meaning immediately triggers the notion of digging into salad bowls and eating less than we can chew.

Science tells us something else about dieting.

It’s becoming a stacking game.

An average definition of a diet may be the foundation for feeling better and getting the hang of whatever suits your individual needs. However, it is no longer seen as THE solution. 

It has become a battle of the mind-body axis versus the absorption of media. It is how we control our environment, seeking productive respite, and other daily activities that inundate our lives 24/7.

Successfully navigating the waters to become a thriving “you” means taking in less social media, cutting down on aspects in your direct surroundings, absorbing what you take in through the written and spoken word, and what you swallow mentally.

The mind is like a garden. You reap what you sow. Your subconscious waters, prunes, and plants are what are consciously fed through one’s senses. 

Just like controlling your database or CRM, if you put crap in your mind and body that does not serve you, don’t expect the results to flourish and turn into that ideal figure you have written down in the books.

In the end, science confirms what seems so logical and so simple. Something you may already practice as an SOP or part of a KPI. 

Food and drinks may not always be the hurdle to overcome. 

They may well be how we feed ourselves non-orally.

The heart, like the stomach, wants a varied diet | Gustave Flaubert
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