Crash and Burn | Internet diets?

Flaunting their impeccably toned six-packs and bikini-clad bodies with curves so tight that they appear unhealthy. Models entice us with the promise of achieving the same results in record time. It’s tempting to believe when supported by images of numerous satisfied customers who have achieved success.

A revenue machine and topic that is as weighty as it is light-hearted: internet diets. One might think that the internet is the answer to all your dietary woes. With its endless supply of tips, tricks, and trendy fads. But rest assure, if losing weight were as easy as hitting the “like” button on a motivational quote or following a celebrity’s latest juice cleanse, we’d all be walking around with six-pack abs and zero body fat.

Too many of us are driven to seek a quick fix to shed excess weight. And the diet industry feeds on this by relying on marketing strategies to promote their supposed nutritional grails and miracle methods in the form of liquid, powder, or pills.

I, too, have been tempted to try these methods when setting weight loss goals and trying to get back on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

The power of internet marketing is undeniable, and many people continue to pursue it.

I do not judge those who do so; in fact, I applaud their efforts because they are taking action towards their goals, whether that be a better life or a more toned physique. However, from what I have learned, this path can often lead to failure rather than success.

Many of these diet plans do deliver on their promises, but only in the short term. They often rely on creating a drastic calorie deficit, which can be unsustainable and ultimately lead to failure. While it is true that the basic equation of calories in versus calories out should solve the problem, it is not always that simple.

Effective nutrition and diet plans must not only produce results in the short term but also be sustainable in the long term. It does not make sense to expect to survive on an extreme diet of two kidney beans, a bottle of lemon water, and an egg every day. Habits and nutritional changes need to be implemented consistently over time.

Weight loss is a gradual process that requires the establishment of sustainable habits and systems.

Every individual has unique nutritional starting points based on factors like ethnicity and social priorities, and therefore requires a personalized approach to achieving their desired outcomes. It’s unfortunate that many people who try fad diets end up reverting to their old habits, seeking out new online solutions that promise better outcomes.

Nutrition coaching is centered around creating a systematic balance for sustainable, long-term success. It involves not just dietary changes, but also movement and other lifestyle factors that are often overlooked but essential for overall health and wellness.

Even a 10% improvement following a guided plan in the short term can lead to more sustainable and long-lasting results when the goal is clearly defined, and an individualized plan is created that takes into account real-life situations and challenges.

So, next time you come across an advertisement promising instant weight loss in 30 days, remember to think long-term and prioritize a personalized approach that emphasizes sustainable habits and systems.

Follow your dreams, work hard, practice, and persevere. | Sasha Cohen

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