The Essence of Drinking Water

One of the chapters I read through during my nutrition coaching studies started with “We came from the ocean”.

The comments tagged to this line in our Facebook group turned into a lengthy communication thread referring to this inaccuracy. The nay-sayers used their religious upbringings as the foundation to contradict this, which I can completely understand. 

From a biological and evolutionary point of view however, it makes total sense.

Our body is made up of 60% of this soluble liquid. Water is found in our blood, our brains and organs. These parts of the human body are primarily constructed using water, with our eyes (90%) topping the list. We use water as a lubricant for our joints and muscles. We regulates our body temperature. It is the ingredient for saliva. It flushes out waste – the list goes on and on. And drinking water helps during the weight loss process.

So, we can say that water has a fairly important role in our daily lives.

There is a correlation between length and weight and how much water should drink. On average, a good 2 to 2.5 litres each day ought to do it. We get some water through our nutrition, complementing the minimum daily intake, depending on what foods we choose. In Asia, this average should increase by a litre a day (up to 3.5 litres), as we lose more in tropical climates. When working out intensely for an hour, add another 1-2 litres to it. 

Yet, we do not seem to grab enough onto a glass of water when we need to. When feeling slightly faint or unfocussed, we tend to top their body with something sweet, a fluidic stimulant. When coaching clients and analysing their liquid intake, soft drinks, energy drinks, and the vast array of flavourful bottled (and well-marketed) drinks still reign supreme. Agree, it contains water but also other ingredients that may not always benefit the level of dehydration and weight loss needs.

One of the essentials on (y)our weight loss journey is drinking (enough) water. This can be sparkling water with some lime or lemon or just plain, good old bottled water. I recommend starting this practice by drinking two glasses of water right after waking up as a catalyser for the day. 

By controlling your environment, a step-by-step habit change will be next on the path to thrive when issues related to drinking ample water is something you want to improve to live a thriving life.

Drinking water is an essential for a healthy lifestyle | Stephen Curry

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