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do i need to follow meal plans?

While the world of popular dieting focuses primarily on diet plans (“eat this and that time times xx meals a day”), I deliberately remain agnostic about whatever is out there.

But, if you prefer to follow a specific dieting idea, I am certainly open to guide you through it. It all depends on what your goal is, what you want to achieve.

The foundation of nutrition I firmly believe in has shown to deliver long-term, sustainable results. 


To fully make use of the benefit of proper nutrition and mindset, moving around will not be ignored in this programme. It is an essential part when fully thriving is on your destination postcard.

As a fully licensed Personal Fitness Trainer (NASM-CPT), a movement strategy is incorporated into the programme to get you to where you want to be.

The basis lies in slowly building movement into your daily life and create daily habits to get your heart rate up.


To get to know you better, I would like you to fill in an extensive assessment and intake form before we start talking about you, becoming a thriving example. This assessment form is available online.

Based on priorities and your intake form (you are and remain the centre of it all!), I will create a step-by-step curriculum tailored to meet your goal(s). By regularly staying in touch and looking at the outcomes, we either continue on the same foot, take the next step, or adjust where needed.

Do expect a lot of questions from my side during this phase!


Understandably, you wish to talk about your goals and wishes first with me before taking that first step and commit to the process.

To get to know you, I start with a free, informal consultation talk (online, around 15 minutes). You may have a few questions, concerns about how to commit or other matters you wish to raise before starting. You can schedule this online.

Once you feel The Thrive Approach is the right thing for you, I will start by sending you the assessment and intake form.

And we’re off!

for who can the thrive approach work best?

The path guiding people towards their ultimate goal is mainly created around men, preferably 25 years and older.

There is, however, a certain commitment needed to get thriving from you. While we work as a team, it is quite important to understand that you remain accountable for all your actions in regards to nutrition. You can read all about this on my page about Coaching.

Change is hard, and that’s okay. As long as you are willing to take it one step at a time, the changes will be positively life-changing.


Depending on how ready, willing, and able you are, I offer a package of a minimum of 1 month as an intro to the very basics of The Thrive Approach.  

However, to get benefits beyond the basics for long-lasting results, I recommend opting for a 3-month programme.  For a better, more sustainable understanding of the mechanics behind nutrition and deep health, this is the most popular package of choice.

Any of these packages are extendable according to your wishes and goals.


With my options to team up and make you thrive, the cost related to this coaching programme (mainly online) can be found here.

I firmly believe that everyone can lead a healthy life by following some simple principles without throwing everything overboard without digging deep into one’s wallet.

Feel free to Reach Out when questions arise about the cost.


In short – no.

I am not licensed, trained, or qualified in any way to cure ailments, food allergies, or medical issues in regards to caloric intake.

But when I notice something that may related to a cause of one’s underlying challenges to thrive, I may ask you to see a specialist.

But assure me, I will be there to support and guide you. 

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