Let’s Synchronize!

How we wish we could snooze the day away and get all the benefits of breakfast in bed. Just switch on the telly while staying snug under the blankets. 

Totally oblivious for what kind of weather is out there. Screw it, let’s keep the curtains closed!

Protests from within you will rise like there’s no tomorrow. And these voices grow louder and louder, and the results will not be pleasant.

We have thousands of internal clocks inside of us, all orchestrated by one master clock. This whole time-keeping system, our circadian rhythm runs at an approximately 24-hour tempo (it runs a bit longer than 24 hours) and runs its course throughout your life. 

I should be more exact – a healthy life.

If we ignore our circadian clock and get it attuned with the rhythm of the night and the day, we soon will find ourselves pretty much drained of energy and depletes our mental and physical health. 

And with a lot of things in life, the phrase “let there be light” is all that we need to synchronize our bodily watches.

Rise, before the sun has risen, is and remains crucial. 

Getting sunlight into your eyes (preferably early morning sunlight, approximately 1 hour before and/or after that orange/golden circle has risen) should be a non-negotiable. Just like the Pareto Effect, it is not a prerequisite to do this every day. However, regularity and consistency must be part of your morning routine when health is important for you.

And when I see so many comments of “please stay healthy’, this should resonate.

Even when overcast clouds the sun, the principles stay the same. Catching the morning sunlight benefits your health.

Unless you live in a cave or areas above or near the Arctic Circle, you don’t need to buy the latest device in getting light in your eyes. As long as it is done safely and consistently. 

Get outside for 20-30 minutes and catch the early morning rise. 

Your biological and psychological systems will be forever grateful if you implement “let’s synchronize” in your daily life.

Everyday is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, we’ve got 24 hours each | Christopher Rice

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