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It was quite late on my journey when I learned about avocados. For many, these sources of nutrients remain a bit in the background and are only put in the spotlight. For example, when Mexican dishes are on the menu. From its hardened green exterior to its mushy feeling darkish skinned version, avocadoes have become a superfood I include almost every week in my diet.

It may not be easy to place avocado on the food scale but it is labelled as a fruit. It may not be an association you immediately make with the definition of how we know fruit – sweet and loaded with carbs, but avocadoes are pretty much the opposite. Low in sugars and extremely high in dietary fats, I fully understand that putting this wondrous and highly nutritious raw food source still cannot find its place in the fruit section. And that’s okay. 

In its ripe form, the creamy taste is now emerging not only as a great add-on to salads and the main ingredient to guacamole; there is so much packed inside its tough skin that it provides immense diversity and variety for kitchen aficionados.

What makes avocadoes such as caloric marvel?

It outranks a lot of foods in terms of nutrients.

Believe it or not, avocadoes offer so many health benefits; it is definitely one superfood I can highly recommend. More than 20 must-have vitamins and minerals alone are found inside its eatable part. Because of its high dietary fat content, expect high numbers of fat-soluble vitamins entering your bloodstream, offering up to 25% of one’s recommendable daily intake. Based on 100 grammes only, this is half an avocado!. Crucial minerals such as potassium, copper, iron, zinc, magnesium and manganese are found too in this marvel of the fruit world. 

Little other kinds of fruit can tip to the massive amount of nutrients found in bananas. From potassium (beneficial for cells and recovery after a good workout) to fibre (your gut bacteria will love you!), the list goes on.

They are loaded with fibres.

We need fibres for digestion and to make toilet time a pleasant time. Well, have no fear, avocados are here. As it contains a relatively high amount of calories, its fibre content does not spike blood levels as much as other fruits. This is fine-dining for your gut bacteria and supports lowering cholesterol levels (LDL). Great food to add to your diet when you need to control your insulin!

It is preferred brain food.

Research has shown that eating avocadoes regularly impacts our brainpower in a very positive way. This is mainly connected to the above-average amount of Vitamin K. This vitamin is an important substance that neutralizes inflammation and has shown to even reverse Alzheimer’s disease when caught in its early stages.

What many think is that because of its high-fat content, avocadoes need to be taken into moderation. However, our body thrives when we had a decent amount of fat in our diet as it benefits several health markers and is one of the macronutrients we simply need to stay healthy. It is that high level of fibres that keep one fuller longer. In connection to this, avocados have a positive impact on those wanting to lose some weight.

My Personal Thrive Approach

I use numerous ways to add avocado to my diet. One of my all-time favourites is home-made guacamole (3-4 ripe avocadoes, hand of cherry tomatoes finely chopped, half a chopped red onion, coriander, a good dose of freshly squeezed lemon juice, two cloves of chopped garlic, salt, pepper and chilli powder). For lunch, you can find me slicing up one ripe avocado on toast (with paprika powder) or smack it into one of my smoothies.

Fed up with the above? Add it into a salad. Go for the ripe one with the darkest skin when keen to fatty up our fresh greens.

With everything in life, moderation is key. Any sentence with the word “too” in front of it, is hardly seen as a good sign. The same is for this magical fruit; it depends from person to person on how many avocados you enjoy without feeling nausea or not reaching your goal.


The avocado is a food without rival among the fruits, the veritable fruit of paradise | David Fairchild

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