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Favoured and found almost everywhere on the planet, the banana is one of the most well-known fruits globally. From local markets to your grocery store near you, these boomerang-shaped pick-me-up’s are stuffed with nutritional benefits.

From the dark-green kinds to the more bright-yellow ones, one can literally find hundreds of different types of bananas. While we often grab a bunch that seems to be the right hue of yellow, green bananas remain associated with the unripe kind. Partially true, yet with so many types for grab, certain green types may just be your nutritional preference.

What makes bananas such as caloric marvel?

Loaded with Nutrients
Little other kinds of fruit can tip to the massive amount of nutrients found in bananas. From potassium (beneficial for cells and recovery after a good workout) to fibre (your gut bacteria will love you!), the list goes on.

One of the largest contributors to B6 vitamins, don’t rule out other bodily essentials such as Vitamin C and minerals such as manganese. Bananas may deliver up to 30% of your recommended daily intake.

Good Carbs
While carbs often get a bad rep (there are carbs and there are carbs), bananas are added under the good-carb table. With little protein and hardly any fat, bananas can be a major contributor when seeking a complex carbohydrate alternative.

As fibres are a part of carbs, bananas are proven not to increase blood sugar levels to the extreme. Eating a banana or two, and you will feel more satiated than going for some simpler carbs solutions (exceptions do exist).

Our natural mood regulator and anti-depressant, the banana is one of the kings for getting this positive hormone inside your GI tract. Yep, a banana a day may be a medicine to feel better, get that positive vibe flowing.

And there is much more when putting the banana under the caloric microscope. Want to know more about how bananas may benefit your thrive approach? More than welcome to reach out.

My Personal Thrive Approach
Nothing beats taking two bananas right after my workouts. It is a quick and easy boost to get me back on the recovery path. Especially when I have another gym session lined up. When it comes to my greek yoghurt addiction, chopping a banana in it, right after a meal, is sometimes all I need to satisfy my sweet tooth.

With everything in life, moderation is key. Anything with the word “too” in front is hardly seen as a good sign. The same is for bananas; it depends from person to person on how many bananas you enjoy without feeling nausea or not reaching your goal.


Goals are like bananas, they come in bunches | Brendan Morrison

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