The Continuum of Making Health Choices

Occasionally, we look up into the night sky and see the moon partially covered by the reflection of the Earth. The sun slowly moves our planet in the shade before the moon disappears completely, merging effortlessly with the night sky. Call it romance or the moment to turn your mind in Zen mode. For the more science-minded, it can be the Eureka! moment to start enthusiastically calculating when the next one arrives. It all relates to seeing something appearing and disappearing before reappearing again. Nature works miraculously in that way.

Now translate the above to your stomach and the sight of your navel.

Also, this less-than-scenic sight is the result of Mother Nature’s way of working. However, the big difference is that you can control this. There is a certain amount of action need to turn around this process. 

I believed that doing nothing and let nature takes its own course was a scenario that would present itself. Swoosh – my six times one-pack vanishing with the blink of an eye. My medical records showing only positive markers without a somewhat condescending look from my medical practitioner after an annual check-up. I even lived by the mantra that by cutting out a buffet dinner once in a while and eating my money’s worth made the difference. All firm beliefs that a retraction of my new field of gravity around my mid-section would disappear like snow under the sun.

Unfortunately, again, Mother Nature did not design us in that way. 

Did the above mean that what I did and knew was all wrong? Did I not understand my own eating habits? Was I simply lacking all nutritional basics on awareness, action, and consciously not take into account that my belly cast a permanent shadow over my umbilical cord connector?

Did I apply the famous Austin Powers quote “I eat because I am unhappy, and I am unhappy because I eat”, enter my life?

It really differed from day to day.

I had my moments of clarity. One day, I was determined to change around. The next day, I fell back into the abyss, citing that one day of cheat meals would be okay. Keeping my serotonin levels elevated was surrounded by two main factors – work and food. Or that is what I thought to believe. I had no clue where I was standing on my continuum of making sound and healthy choices.

Outcome-based decision making is what drives my coaching approach. If things do not work, don’t try harder until a moment when it does work. For those aware of the Keto diet method, there are quite a few less-than-positive remarks made that state: “If Keto Does not Work, Keto Harder”.

There are limitations on how far you want to go. You cannot go on forever on the same foot and expect results when these stay away from the light. If your choices are not turning to the desired results, measured over a predefined period, a change in approaching your weight loss tactics is evident. 

This is where the continuum kicks in. The continuum of making sustainable health choices.

Start where you are and work from there forward. 

Use what you have tried as the base to following your compass needle in the northern direction towards your North Star. Any coaching, including my nutrition coaching approach to thrive, run on a continuum. Constantly determine whether you are ready, willing, and able to take those steps to a new, thriving you.

Coaching is lifting the veil of what you may not know you have in you, use what you know already, fine-tune it, optimize it and take slow, measurable steps. We believe we KNOW good nutrition, we think we have all our caloric habits under control and have all measures in place to take sustainable steps. It is taking small steps on this continuum when choosing nutrition coaching.

But the reality is…we don’t. 

Human beings are notoriously inaccurate in guessing where they are, what they eat, and what’s next on the agenda to get thriving. Don’t get me started on how today’s food industry, with its lobbying power and cunning marketing methods, influences our nutritional choices and beliefs we eat what is advertised.

Arthur Ashe, a professional American tennis player, has a brilliant quote that I like to use in situations when I have an idea where you are on your continuum of making healthy choices and nutrition changes during my coaching sessions.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

Screw it, let’s go for it?

Change occurs on a continuum and does not move in a straight line. | Sharon Weil

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