The basis for good health revolves not only on choosing the best nutrients and get moving. The impact of one’s environment, our emotional state, and how one sees the world, can be critical factors that determine your choice to eat and absorb the right choice of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals to achieve your goal.

Deep Health is an all-encompassing philosophy one must take into account when journeying with me towards your goal to thrive. Identifying six parts of becoming a thriving you will be taken up in my take on coaching sustainably.


Your body is your temple, and this partially refers to your physical being.

It involves all aspects of how you feel, function, and perform. By recognizing these markers, ranging from discomforts to intolerances to certain foods is an important dimension for the coaching path.

Referring to medical specialists may become a part of the coaching experience.


How you, the client, experience the world and takes on information to go and thrive.

We are messy human beings with our views, capacities to adsorb and apply the guidance, and focus on what lies at the end of the finish line from a mental perspective.

Your mind and your gut work independently from each other, yet each has its own “mind”.


Where you live and work, how your family and friends look towards your new, thriving goal can partially deviate from your sustainable path.

Choosing the right ingredients, support from your coach, and making conscious decisions to create a better you, we also look around whether access to healthy food is present.

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Stress, seen as one of the main emotional elements that determine food choices, can have an immense impact on staying on the path to thrive.

The effects that stress has on how the body takes up nutrients and how one eats can have an impact on feeling calm, under control, and to remain positive and have clarity.


We thrive more when being around others, developing deeper relationships, or finding groups that support all aspects of relational health.

Also, your road to nutritional control may be influenced by family and friends. From interacting with those you hold dear to find a group with similar interests and goals, culinary choices and one’s mindset is an unmissable pillar of total health.


Tightly linked to purpose, a meaning why you want to thrive, existential health is an imperative aspect that can play a part in how we take the progressive road to success.

Questions starting with “why” may elevate the deeper meaning of the reason(s) behind your choice to thrive.

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Every few weeks, I write about new things related to nutrition and deep health. Like creating useful and trending content, your journey to thrive does not happen overnight.