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Too often, there is a lack of understanding of why I am trying to be in bed by 9 – 9.30pm every day. I guess you know why sceptics look at me in disbelief when people ask me.

Through trial and error, I found by daily rhythm. Feedback on a biological level, habit changes, absorbing a lot of knowledge, and assuring that my peak performance hours are used to the max. Whether it is a Tuesday or Saturday, I hardly make exceptions. 

If I would fight my body by deliberately changing my circadian rhythm, I will lose.

During a recent seminar by a well-known vitality clinic, the same topic came across – the importance of slumber time. A physician with numerous titles before her first name (and perhaps a few after her last name, too) explained in proper layman’s terms the importance of sleep.

As I recited what I knew about sleep during the seminar, I noticed how her presentation was divided. How sleep was governed by our hormones and the consequences connected to sleep issues. It was a 50% – 50% balance between “good and evil”.

She accurately touched on environmental matters, how stress of any level may affect sleep, and how the sleep-wake cycle works. Participants happily snapped away in order not to miss out on key slides, often watched over once before they moved into oblivion.

The cherry on the cake is always placed at the end.

We humans often recall only the last part of such seminars, constructed in such a way that the solutions to what may be ripping your health apart are kept at the very end. 

And this seminar was no exception.

From high-profile consultations to supplements and electronic devices, the solutions for a better night’s sleep were primarily steered towards their commercial solutions. Buying stuff that “may” support those much-needed xx hours. 

Their consultation prices for perhaps simple solutions one can implement to get better sleep. I was shocked. It was a 15-fold of the amount I am charging.

Or am I charging too little?

Pump up the money volume for habits that should be accessible to everyone. And it is not rocket science!

As I left the meeting room for a meeting with a friend, one slide stuck in my mind. It was one of the first ones of the presentation. 

Better sleep makes me remember things better – trust me, it does.

The slide showed how the clinic works with the client in mind – from illness to wellness. According to the presenter and representative of this wellness-centre, wellness is mainly defined as a means in getting proper sleep. Appropriate blood pressure, and accurate nutrient intake in connection with quality and quantity. As an example, snoring may be a reason for excess fat around your neck area, but it should not be a driver towards buying medication. 

But not further. Not moving towards fitness. Or making guided lifestyle changes that go beyond wellness.

Everyone has the right to know that wellness in sleep should never be the final stop. Everybody has the right to have access to this. We all have to make a living and want to live a healthy life without sleep issues.

If you want to balance your life between illness and wellness, this is a way to do it. Going back and forth, buying stuff you may not need (unless sickness is an issue) is one thing. Making it sustainable without all the bells and whistles for the years to come is another.

Proper slumber hygiene and coaching must be accessible to everyone. It must never be only for the rich and well-heeled.

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book. | Irish Proverb
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