Are you feeling lost in an ocean of health information?

Drowning in a tsunami of must-do’s where experts and celebrities offer the magic pill that will get ripped through movement or having the solution to cure fat loss in no time?

We have all been tempted (or tried) once in our lifetime in heading down this path to thrive. 

Primarily a one-way street, those who have wandered the path may well know that a guiding hand lacks these marketing-driven programmes. It often lacks one crucial element in the whole process:

Each person is a unique individual, each with their values, goals, and priorities.

There is no one-strategy-fits-all plan or an overall system that offers a definite way to feel good, gain confidence in making a change that suits each individual. 

This is where health coaching comes in. 

Awaken the tools in you through small, controllable actions, the Thrive Approach works towards long, sustainable goals through a set of manageable practices. Through accountability checks, programme adjustments, progress monitoring, and using expertise on nourishment fundamentals, my coaching methodology takes on evidence-based techniques to improve nutrition and health-related goals.

you have it in you


By implementing a structured and supported path towards a thriving lifestyle, I am using proven techniques by reputable health and nutrition institutions to guide you towards your desired goal.

And my own expertise.

My coaching methods revolve around the following principles.

Coaching is all about rekindling what already is inside you to achieve your health goal. To guide you in setting your compass needle towards your true north. While supported, walking the path remains your responsibility. If you feel you cannot take responsibility for your actions to move forward in implementing systems, expect to make some trade-offs, or in need of constantly holding one’s hand, then The Thrive Approach may not (yet) be the means you’re looking for.

Thrive sustainably
I aim to assure you that you have the means to walk the path on your own and take into account your priorities, values, and (future) goals. While the online world may promise you golden mountains in a short time, setting realistic goals and fulfil the life you envision is a must. In the end, all it takes is confidence, devotion and an open mind to change responsibly.

Create systems
By nature, the human race thrives on implementing systems. Setting up systems in one’s life allow creating habits, actions and practices that will turn into second nature and where you may benefit from. In nutrition, obtaining similar skills have shown to deliver incredible results combined with other life aspects that complement your goal to thrive. Expect a lot of questions to set you up for systematic success!

Learning is an ongoing process. New studies, facts and figures about nutritional and health developments are keeping me up-to-date on the latest. By keeping it simple, with a clear understanding of how the body works when i.e. food, stress or movement are added to the equation, my coaching translates this into easy-to-understand actions. However, when wellness matters going beyond my code of practice are presented, I may refer you out to a specialist.

You’re not alone
Support in getting towards your health goals is one of the crucial factors for succession. Creating an environment to thrive may often be overlooked. Friends and family may not always understand your deeper motives. Aside from being a guide and motivator, part of the Thrive Approach is to create an environment that supports your goal.

When adding the word “personalized” to coaching, it is almost human nature to expect huge fees coming with it. The truth is far from it. Go to my FAQ section and find out.


You’re so much stronger than your excuses

We all live hectic lives, filled with priorities, preferences and personal values.  There is no need to make it more complex.

If your goal is indeed to thrive, reach out and see how we can shape your deep health path to make that change.

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Every few weeks, I write about new things related to nutrition and deep health. Like creating useful and trending content, your journey to thrive does not happen overnight.