The Secret Sauce of my Success

Once in a blue moon, I went for an extended walk or a run to give myself a pat on the back for a job well done.

The fun part of skydiving, scuba diving or other activities was all side business. It was nothing to write home about. It was more being among friends and staying socially active while the exhilarating part of accomplishing something diminished. And this moved along a more declining path week after week.

For those knowing what ‘once in a blue moon’ means – it perfectly sums up the frequency, I held up. It was not often; once in a while; irregular, and when I had an epiphany without the religious visions and callings.

When I look at my picture, I see how one word has radically eradicated “inconsistency” out of my vocabulary. It’s now all about consistency.

  • It is not the fact that my core was so sore after an EMOM session V-Ups with a medicine ball;
  • The picture does not display the determination that I had. Building up the stamina to end 1 hour of weight and resistance training like this is not on my mind;
  • The picture does not even reflect how committed I was to end on a high note early in the morning;
  • It also pushes me to keep on going because it boosts energy levels in ways, only a few really know.

What it represents is that what I do, day in, day out, since 2018 without breaking my routines and practices.


In business, in your private life, and in my coaching approach, consistency is the key that unlocks moments of pure magic.

Companies with a strong brand culture and identity often have a corporate guideline manual. It is created to keep a vision, mission, and core values captured to create consistent, external and internal awareness.

Touching their logo, for example is a no-go. I refer to examples such as font use, email signatures, and multi-office marketing strategies. I even know many companies who have outlines how employees represent themselves when on sales calls; all etched permanently in such a manual.

The strongest brands work towards this consistency.

As a marketing man, I am deeply concerned about the effectiveness of inconsistent use of anything that represents the company. 

The question I often get is, “what is the secret of my success?” There is none as complex as many may think. It is taking what I am good at on a business level – being consistent – and transfer this over to my private life.

Turning a strong point from one side to another part is built around awareness of what I can do well. Reaping the benefits of consistency flowed quite quickly from a manual gearbox into cruise control.

There are no simple hacks in losing weight, becoming mentally stronger, and swiftly recovering from a bad day without guilt. Additionally, my consistency in nutritional choices, going to the gym regularly (and still work out 4 -5 times per week), and be mindful when things slightly spin out of control, can be anyone’s success story.

I hardly go into discussions about why diet “X” works better than meal plan “Y”. Why? Because it does not make sense. I take a bit of an agnostic approach as long as the foundations of good nutrition are respected continuously. If one thing works for me consistently, I continue without hesitation. But I may deviate once in a while as part of my curious nature.

And from there, I continue or fall back to my nutritional base camp, based on these experimental outcomes and results. 

If something you feel may work, fits into your daily lifestyle, and the tasks aligned with your goal complement this, then we will go for it. As long as it is done consistently, and we can measure the results based on what the outcomes are over a period of time. 

Even a non-perfect plan done consistently beats a perfectly balanced and well-executed nutrition strategy plan, done inconsistently. 

I am more than happy to guide you along, as we often do not see where our blind spots are.

Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come. | Dwayne Johnson

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