Obey By The Caloric Rules

Not all of us were born with the feeling that following some outlined pattern will lead to success. We all are a bit rebellious by nature, admit it. 

The human race is steered towards gaining knowledge from a labyrinth of sources as there are so many available for the public eye. Unfortunately, many of them are online of nature. Our internal mechanism may shy away when we “know”. We always have the answer to any solution we personally “feel’” is the right trajectory.

And, of course, there are those that have succeeded. But just as many (if not more) failed to sustainably obey the rules in search of internal happiness or gratification.

The founding principles of setting up a company, keeping health and safety standards in place, respecting labour laws, and paying taxes simply are founded on rules and regulations. Agree, some off-shore registrations here or launching a new capital venture there. These are always ways of weaving effortlessly through the maze of law and order.

Obeying by the rules requires some local expertise.

An outsider that knows how to legally run a business while a founding executive can focus on disrupting the marketplace.

Just to break the rules of the conventional. To bend the rules in such a way that dreams may become reality.

It is finding that right balance of just going a bit overboard without being presented a hefty fine. This is what requires a certain amount of discipline. We all want to turn our industry around 360 degrees one way or the other. The pillars of going for something new and exciting are permanently cemented somewhere in their plans without backing up.

Acknowledging this is a huge hurdle some have to overcome as zesty founder may (emphasize “may”) want to cross the line to bring his market knowledge, his marketing vision, his Duracell Bunny-fuelled energy levels to fruition. Calling him back is often a risky yet right move when being familiar with the mazes of doing business.

I strongly feel that humans naturally have a similar attitude towards how much they know about nutrition.

We regularly assure ourselves how to turn around our energy management. We think we can rule the caloric world through self-knowledge, self-education, and going all out without consulting local experts. 

When having my introductory talks, it is not uncommon to hear they know what they need to do. Explaining what they need to change and why I should listen to their solutions as it is the latest revolution. 

Great! Love those talks! A new law of nutritional physics to investigate.

It is all new stuff for me to absorb and take on when going through this with an open mind. I just add my learner’s cap on. I am not exaggerating when I state that in 99.9% of the cases, their solution thinking is not in alignment with what their goal is.

And that their knowledge has more than just a few rough edges.

It is hard for me to dispute the nutritional law of physics. No matter whatever trajectory you wish to embark upon. Like a local tax expert or a paralegal guiding an owner through a field of pitfalls and newly created obstacles. The laws are changing, but the foundation remains unchanged.

And as a health coach, I may unveil more of what you think is right but may work counter-productive towards your goal. 

Overall, we believe we know what we eat, how much we stuff inside us on a daily basis or think we perfectly hit the mark every time we eat a meal or a snack. Or a liquid version of a “freshly” squeezed fruit, marked as 100% pure as a healthy top-me-up. Or clients assuring me that a few (!) beers in the weekend have to be put in a different spotlight than those during the weekdays.

Clients believe that the law of nutritional physics can distinguish between weekdays and weekends.

I get that. I totally get that.

Just be brave enough to say that what you think you know may be way off. You don’t want to gamble with your tax returns when you set up your own company in the same way you want to put your health on the line because you think you do the right nutritional thing.

There is nothing wrong with reaching out to experts who do not have studied in their field of expertise. And invest even more time and money in pursuit of more knowledge.

Just to serve you and allow you to thrive.

It is so hard to believe because it is so hard to obey. | Soren Kierkegaard

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