The Opportunity Blame Game

Everything is relative when it comes to choice.

One may opt for this. Another person sets your crosshairs on the other.

The results are perceived with the intention these paths are taken up.

These days, choice is very much related to how we perceive comfort and status. As we all know, humanity does not shy away from a good dose of ease and no effort. Our brain is actually a lazy organ.

So why not feed it what it truly desires?

Desire is linked to creating and choosing opportunities to make one propel with force to become a better you. Or when, for example, desire is not met for health gains. It merely remains a hurdle.

Examples of the above are aplenty. Why would you choose to learn a new skill for an hour while you can comfortably add another episode of your favourite television series to fill your evening?

It’s your choice.

Buying a pair of new shoes for US$200 every six months? Sure, it is needed to keep up with the latest fashion trend. Investing this in a small investment portfolio may just be ‘too risky” to cover for what may happen in the long run.

Regularly spending US$300 on an evening out with dinner and drinks instead of going for a shopping spree for more healthy groceries is what often enters into my assessment form and client talks. Or order food online. It’s so convenient. And we do not have the time to cook!

Or when you really want to do something about your health, yet you are not able to resist the temptation to buy the latest iPhone? 95% of the people having this dilemma opt for the latter.

We are absorbed by what to choose to make our lives more comfortable.

Pivoting the levels of opportunity in turning our lives around for the better is hardly looked in. You can blame life and the choices you made as much as you want, but stop blaming these choices as the most convenient ones because of the lack of opportunities.

Your choices will define your habits.

Your habits will define you.

Excuses will always be there for you. Opportunity won’t | Anonymous
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