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Created with meaning, with the ‘why’ embedded in the design, The Thrive Approach’s logo encompasses aspects of the why and what it stands for and why it can break the chain. A choice of elements of this coaching direction may also be the secret to your success.

Branding has taken a primary role in my proven philosophy; it allows gaining recognition for what The Thrive Approach stands for and what you can expect.



Orange is one of the definitions for energy, vitality, good health, and excitement. It was the most logical choice since all that you are after is symbolized by this vibrant, thriving colour. Besides its association with Buddhism (as I am Asia-based, and this belief forms one of the cornerstones of Asia culture), the colour orange is the national colour of The Netherlands, my native country.

As with all things, progression is what I am after, not perfection. There are always hurdles to overcome, even when one knows one has the basic knowledge, the system in place and the path to thriving is successfully laid out. The blend of grey highlights this; it is the area that flows in harmony with orange and will be the areas where we all can build on consistently. It flows in tandem with your energy, it is there, and it is something one must recognize when travelling on the path to thrive.



The essence of thriving is to understand that all aspects of one’s life are connected, flowing alongside each other but are part of our lives. The ragged ends symbolize that perfection is not the checkered flag but the progress gained to achieve one’s goal. Obstacles, hurdles, challenges – they are all part of the aim to thrive and create clarity.

As part of the deep health concept, to thrive is not limited to nutrition, but it encompasses more. Everything is connected yet may look like individual strands.


The Thrive Approach

Numerous ways define the word thrive. For me, it has an uplifting,  energetic sound to it; it exhumes what you and I are after. By using proven methods, building skills, while keeping it simple, to thrive is what you are after. Our agendas are commonly packed with other commitments and priorities, so why make it more complex?

The individual approach laid out to thrive, now and in the future, is what it will take to take control of one’s health. It is the approach that has successfully transformed clients, and myself included, towards your goal.


“Logos are the graphic extension of the internal realities of a company.” | Saul Bass.

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Find out regularly why The Thrive Approach believes in taking out the complexity of nutritional coaching. 

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