Are You Really Burning That Much?

Naïve as I was before I dug deeper, an hour of exercise was connected jumping towards my goal by leaps and bounds. Since the 1970s, the science behind exercise science and physiology has grown from strength to strength.

And the pattern of what it does, and how much you burn, is engraved in today’s society.

Misconceptions left and right, the aim for the bigger names in the fitness field is to fill the classes. Creating record-breaking piles of sweat over the floor and let you come in and go out whenever you feel the need for some muscle speed.

The idea of losing weight, blowing off some steam, chasing that dopamine rush feeling, or simply pedalling away with your eyes pierced on your phone. We all have reasons why we pack our gym back and rush off not to miss a Monday workout. 

For those who know – Monday is chest day. 


Who knows! 

This is one side of the medal. Many say that it is like this because it always has been like this, we stick to it. Without question, we rack up our barbells, and chalk our hands for 3 sets of bench presses. Voila, that check box is ticked off. 

The other side of the medal is that many exercise regulars believe it is those strict patterns of moving around that shed weight. Nothing else matters for these gyms – sell passes and cramp the workout space. Models showing off six-packs from various angles adorn the walls, as a stimulus that you too, can be like one of them. 

Just turn up and move. 

Nothing else matters. 

What a load of BS.

Trust me, I have done my fair share of Bangkok research and studying.

An average 1-hour gym session done by your Average Joe / Jolene burns somewhere between 200 and 400 calories (depending on a multitude of factors) when measured on a bell curve. On a side note, you burn almost six times the amount in calories a day for just staying alive.

And to celebrate this achievement, we dig into that post-workout reward. We all know it often embodies in the form of a sweetened coffee or a bag of whatever to replenish for a job well done.

Bye, bye, 200 calories lost!

Yes, one hour of fitness gains “destroyed” in 5 minutes.

Time to take on some other aspects that may be influential for your health is not there. 

Hardly any of these weight Valhallas marketing waste-shrinking solutions within the confines of their House of Pain have plans for nutrition, sleep, stress management, or even recovery strategies. 

If weight loss is your aim, do not expect all those calories to drop by simply going to a gym. While movement of any kind has so many benefits, it is what happens outside these fitness centres that makes the difference. 

15% of weight loss may come from being active. 

85% of it is what you may do away from the gym floor.

If fitness centres are there to make you move, they truly have mastered this act.

If the larger chains now can incorporate all that’s happening during the remainder of the week, the gains are by far bigger, more sustainable, and devoid of pumping iron 6 times per week.

If it takes 1 year for you to lose 5 kilogrammes while going three times per week to your local fitness, I applaud you for your tenacity and determination.

But you lose out on other health opportunities and benefits which are not raised and ignored by these commercial factories, achieving weight loss goals may take an eternity. 

Most people fail, not because of lack of desire, but, because of lack of commitment. | Vince Lombardi
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Are You Really Burning That Much?

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