Who Wouldn’t Be Confused?

Anyone who lives by the motto “been there, done that, bought the t-shirt” bangs their head against the wall. We’re talking about the swamp that is the world of dietary solutions.

There are bookshelves filled with food academics’ pearls of wisdom and nutritionists’ literature, all claiming that they hold the golden key to weight loss in their hands. 

My favourite bookstore recently had to expand its cookbook and dietary literature section because there simply was no more space left to house all those new novels with nutritional novelties.

Will the average person get confused when seeing all this? Of course!

Thousands of titles are out there. Tens of thousands of page-by-page explanations of what to do, and what to eat. And, more importantly, what not to eat.

What not to eat.

If you just put all these caloric philosophies on one pile and distil the common denominator, there is a noticeable trend.

Don’t eat plants because of these reasons. Carnivores have their firm belief. It doesn’t work.

Carbohydrates? Most of them are pure evil! Cut them out and drop them straight in the bin.

Dairy and meats? Fervent purveyors of the vegetarian side of healthy nutrition are determined to get you off this.

Or limit your protein intake? For sure! Various diet experts affirm that this is the catalyser of bad health.

This blood type? You’re doomed when eating this.

And so forth.

Conclusion: we have nothing left to eat.

The plain truth of all the above is that all these books have a certain amount of truth. However, they are thickening it with what works for them. So will it automatically work for you? 


For when food is on your daily, weekly, monthly, or once-in-a-while-binge-at-a-hotel-buffet agenda, the rules are very simple. Not pretty or spiced up with colourful menus or spruced up with amazing-looking ladies and gentlemen showing their lean bodies over a steaming hot bowl of whatever.

The principles of weight loss are not found in a book or a video tutorial. Information overload and analysis paralysis are the keywords of the society we are living in today.

It is actually very simple when you know the basics.

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver | Mahatma Gandhi

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