In A Galaxy Quite, Quite Nearby

George Lucas and I have a bond. We both have a weakness when the words Star Wars reach our retinas or eardrums.

I was too young to get that first taste, when the first movie was released in 1977. The story surrounding the path that Luke Skywalker embarked upon without even knowing that he would become one of the most powerful Jedi across the galaxy never goes out of fashion.

I am fascinated by the storyline. The way Lucas and his sci-fi minded companions created a world, far, far away from ours at times. Animation and digital special effects were a far cry of what movie makers can deliver in the 21st century.

It was, is and always will be one of my all-time favourite escapes. I cannot recall the total amount of times I have seen all the movies, sometimes back-to-back, followed by The Making Of, my collection of books, socks, key chain memorabilia, LEGO models, and more. The tally continues to grow, even now that the nine main movies mark the end of an era.

The spin-offs are as fun to watch, yet do not have the character of when episodes IV (A New Hope), V (The Empire Strikes Back) and VI (Return of the Jedi) were released.


It is all about connecting the dots with what was initially seen as brilliant cinematography at that time. The battle of good versus evil. A young dude finding his destiny. The knowledge and wisdom about health, well-being, and productivity are now standing out when rewatching these movies. Aside from being ahead of its time, I see the spoken and non-spoken storyline now from a different angle. A story that remained hidden from my very eyes.

George Lucas was not only ahead of his time when launching the first Star Wars movie, but he also included phrases and lines that are now part of my anchors, my affirmations, and my why. I firmly believe we all have those connections with something inside or outside our realm of reality. I never had it until I got clarity on my tasks to get to my future self, my goals. And, again, my why.

It’s just mindboggling to interpret scenes from the three movies (1977 – 1983) now in what I now see as my Force. Unfortunately, the powers within me may not deliver the elevation skills or mind tricks that envelope that galaxy somewhere in the outer corners of our universe. 

What strikes me the most when murmuring the lines to the exact letter and intonation is the wisdom. I can’t stop thinking that coaching clients at that time did not exist. Bringing the message effectively over without peer-reviewed papers affirming the same, I feel grateful for having discovered Star Wars.

With knowledge comes wisdom; with research comes data we find nowadays normal and acceptable. At that time, there wasn’t such a thing.

Numerous lines and phrases have entered not only the history books but also in our daily lives. The movies following the original trilogy have found a place in my memories, yet not as much impact as the first three.

Here are some of those lines that are as sharp as a freshly charged lightsabre. These are my connections to these sentences and my anchors that keep me on track. 

Try Not. Do or Do Not. There is no Try | Yoda

With Luke ankle-deep in the swamps of Dagobah, these are some of the most powerful words from Yoda as soon as Luke fails one of his tasks. 

When habit changes are on the table, we choose to look for the easiest way out. We circumvent what we are subconsciously told to do. We’re giving it a try is associated that we actually do not want to give it our maximum effort. We fail once, so there is no 2nd try needed. Or a third one for that matter.

The word “try” has this aura of less effort even though it can lead to your future self. It remains embedded with hurdles we see as obstacles and conclusions we may fail. There is no clarity behind the yet-to-instigated action to unleash what you may have in you. While motivation may be your driving force, it is action (do) that drives the momentum

Move Along | Storm Trooper

A guarding Storm Trooper at the spaceport of Mos Eisley, inspection the droids R2D2 and C-3PO in search for the imperial death star plans.

We often dwell in the past. Events of what has happened yet are a closed chapter tend to keep us stuck moving forward. Wise lesson learned on one side, we are wasting (mental) energy on things we cannot control. This is one side of the coin. Trusting the process and moving in synch to evolve. We are destined to become a better self with someone else guiding us towards your why by our side.

The other side of these two words are connected to my favourite quote: “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Simple Step.” by Lao Tzu. On any journey, we will go through peaks and valleys as we smoothly sail over the calm waters or hit pod holes on the road. It is never a straight line. Diversions aplenty, yet by keep moving on consistently, success will come. 

In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck | Obi-Wan Kenobi

Luke is getting his first light sabre lessons from Obi-Wan Kenobi while blindfolded aboard the Millennium Falcon.

Comparing ourselves with an idol, a father figure, a person who gradually turned one’s life around, or a person that has achieved what you dream about is a human trait we regularly embed in our lives. We follow their journey on Instagram and are amazed at what they have achieved. Bouts of envy rise when seeing their final results in your social media feed.

Being lucky (it must be in their genes, as what many may assume) is often not what shows results. Behind the screens, many hours of consistent habit changes and cutting out what once adorned their menu are sacrifices we do not see on these feeds. Agree, some tend to work better following one diet. Others thrive on using a different method to get leaner.

However, don’t compare yourself with another. Luck often has little to do with becoming a better you. It has to do with staying consistent.

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for | Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi using his Jedi mind tricks for allowing Luke, C-3PO and R2D2 to enter Mos Eisley.

Surrounding one’s self among influencers, people you admire and those with a similar goal to become a better, healthier self can make or break the road to success. I refer to this as looking for your tribe. Do this with purpose, and your ride towards your North Star will become a smoother ride.

From joining up with an accountability buddy in partaking in actions connected to your goal, it is the elimination process that is often the hardest. Be mindful of who and what you are looking for when seeking a tribe.

If it does not serve you, move along.

I find your lack of faith disturbing | Darth Vader

During one of the meetings aboard the Death Star, Darth Vader is confronted with doubts from senior officers about the power of the Force.

It is not uncommon to hear that proposing particular changes result in, “I know this is not going to work.” Grounded by what we feel is not the solution to get back on the health track is understandable. After all, we are human and can be sceptical.

When suggesting heading onto a path as simple as counting from 1 to 10, the feedback of some of the coaching techniques I use, expressions of disbelief result in awkward looks that resemble that “I know this is not going to work”- feeling.

We love complexity. We thrive when things are complex because we believe that complexity is what has taken on all angles in getting a better you. 

Remember…the Force will be with you, always | Obi-Wan Kenobi

Hearing the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi as soon as Luke is making his final approach to destroy the Death Star.

Strategically and sustainably losing weight does not come in the form of external sources or proven liquids. Almost all the powerful tools you need to succeed are inside you. They are in everyone. You have to unlock clarity and awareness of internal and external factors that will lead to those results. That’s it. 

The results revolving around yo-yo dieting, and the industries that heavily profit from this, are good examples. There is nothing sustainable included in this – it is all lived for a short-term. If we purely rely on nutrition solutions, the chances that you succeed are next to zero. Consistency is Key. The way to achieve success without a constant need of a coach – it is what needs to be ignited.

You must unlearn what you have learned | Yoda 

Yoda persuades Luke to show that the significance of the size of the object to lift is insignificant to the Force.

Our habits define us. It is how we go on about this. You are what habits you have. Be it good or less beneficial. Driven by doing the same thing over and over again, the level of comfort surrounding something we feel is easy, effortless, and comes without boundaries or obstructions, is what we choose to.

But does it bring these habits towards what your health goals are?

We often don’t see our blind spots or believe that external methods will help us get back on track. The truth is that change is always discomforting. Habitual changes do come with peaks and valleys. Be open that changes may not always work.

That’s just the name of the learning game.

I can name many other quotes of this amazing movie franchise connected to The Thrive Approach

We all have a movie that binds us to who we are and what we can learn from its scripts.

Mine is Star Wars, what’s yours?

When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not | Yoda

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