The Fear of Risk-Taking

Is having a zero-cost call or meeting with me about making health changes seen as a risk?

Apparently so, according to a recent chat I had with a gentleman.

Afraid of what I may put forward as “bad” and “wrong”, a man was adamant I was going to play tricks with his mind and talk him down. He labelled me that I was some kind of vegan-worshipper (his words, not mine) who gets his kicks of quinoa and organically squeezed juices during moonlight. He knew he had to change but was very afraid of facing his failures.

I actually applauded his initiative and honesty for the following reasons.

1) had the chance to prove him otherwise (while I sunk my teeth in one of my weaknesses – a flaky almond croissant);

2) that there is no right or wrong, and

3) that progress only comes when taking risks.

In all honesty, he was happy he survived my onslaught of questions after a 30-minute chat. He learned something that many others don’t dare to face. The fear of meeting a health coach to put forward the challenges he was facing.

We are born to take risks by meeting new people, others with different opinions and values, other than what we always believed were the foundation of our truth. That leap of faith when we fear facing the unknown, and being put in your place by someone with different perspectives, can be fearful.

Fear fades when one takes action. Fear slowly dissipates once that one single step is taken. Because there is no right or wrong when meeting others who have different views, knowledge, and perspectives. It is all feedback and learning.

He was a financial advisor, and my incompetence lies just right here.

In the end, he gave me some tips and ideas on how to look towards crypto and stock markets, easing him into a less-fearful state.

While he is still deciding whether he is ready, willing and able, his fear disappeared. He has a new person in his network. He now knows that you can always wake me up for a greasy almond croissant.

Take risks to progress by reaching out, especially when it comes to your health.

You may gain more than just an informal talk to show that diets don’t work.

You can’t get anywhere in life without taking risks | Esme Bianco
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