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Throughout my journey, I have gathered a large amount of knowledge through my coaches, my own journey and by keep on learning.

I  update this page regularly with interesting articles about nutrition, movement and deep health. By sharing these stories, my goal is to remove some of the myths out of the world and give you some peer-reviewed and self-tested suggestions. These stories can also be found on my Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn page.

May some of these articles be your trigger to thrive.

The Thrive Approach - Expensive is a Relative Term
Deep Health

Expensive is a relative term

The return on investment, measuring the value of a service, chasing for the end result. Quick satisfaction that has a short lifespan. Is coaching worth the investment in that sense?

The Thrive Approach - Stay on target
Deep Health

Stay on Target

How the world of performance has changed over the past decade is phenomenal. Is the demand for more and fast nowadays the catalyzer for modern-day stress?

The Thrive Approach - The Dietary Fast and Furious Failures

The Dietary Fast and Furious Failures

Instant results at the speed of light. It is the way society approaches whatever is thrown at us. Even the dieting world is build on the concept of the Fast and Furious.

The Thrive Approach - Weight loss through exercise

Grabbing Those Sport Shoes?

Running or weightlifting? An extra lager or perhaps choosing a glass of water? The science has it all figured out how movement and nutrition complement each other.

The Thrive Approach | Am I Your Drill Instructor
Deep Health

Am I your drill instructor?

We demand more from ourselves during these modern times. Yet, we forget that we carry one body and one mind with us all the time. How can a coach maximize this potential is a question I often get.

Deep Health

The Power of Failure

We all can write a chapter or two in our own book of shame, our dictionary of failures. Past errors of judgment or not knowing better and being whipped by the outsiders. Is failure that bad?

The Thrive Approach - Once Upon a Snack

And We Snack Happily Ever After?

Drawn like a moth to a flame, we have grown accustomed to nibbling during the day. The need for something to chew on and grab hold onto something to boost our energy levels.

The Thrive Approach - What I have learned from Star Wars
Deep Health

In A Galaxy Quite, Quite Nearby

The connection I have with Star Wars goes deeper than just watching an epic battle between good and evil. There is so much more going around linking me to the original trilogy.

The Thrive Approach - The mindless habit of eating

The Mindless Habit of Eating

Let’s dig in! Time to feast on a plethora of goodies. We all love it (and I am no exception) but does it really link to your goal?

Sharing is caring

Every few weeks, I write about new things related to nutrition and deep health. Like creating useful and trending content, your journey to thrive does not happen overnight.