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Throughout my journey, I have gathered a large amount of knowledge through my coaches, my own journey and by keep on learning.

I  update this page regularly with interesting articles about nutrition, movement and deep health. By sharing these stories, my goal is to remove some of the myths out of the world and give you some peer-reviewed and self-tested suggestions. These stories can also be found on my Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn page.

May some of these articles be your trigger to thrive.


Who Wouldn’t Be Confused?

Too much dietary choices? Choosing the right diet will become a challenge when a plethora of solutions scream at you. And they all have something in common.

Obey by the Caloric Rules

Obey By The Caloric Rules

The human race is steered towards gaining knowledge from a labyrinth of sources as there are so many available for the public eye. But the foundation remains the same.

Deep Health

Where Are The Results?

Are we absorbing too much information but seeing too few results? In today’s consumption society, it may well be the case. With so much information at our disposal, why aren’t we seeing more positive health outcomes?

Deep Health

The Benefits of Facing Your Fears

The truth will be unveiled once we face our fears. Nothing is certain in life, and change is a constant. Too often, fear holds us back from taking the next step.

The Thrive Approach - Circles of Control
Deep Health

Energy Spillage and Circles of Control

As a population, we deserve an Oscar when it comes to nagging about the things we cannot control.
Wasting energy which can be used for a better purpose. How?

Sharing is caring

Every few weeks, I write about new things related to nutrition and deep health. Like creating useful and trending content, your journey to thrive does not happen overnight.