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Throughout my journey, I have gathered a large amount of knowledge through my coaches, my own journey and by keep on learning.

I  update this page regularly with interesting articles about nutrition, movement and deep health. By sharing these stories, my goal is to remove some of the myths out of the world and give you some peer-reviewed and self-tested suggestions. These stories can also be found on my Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn page.

May some of these articles be your trigger to thrive.

The Thrive Approach - Taking your routines farther
Deep Health

Taking Your Routines Farther

How quickly we fall back to undesirable routines when new normals arise. Perhaps it is time to take it up a notch?

The Thrive Approach - Is this the new cancer (7)-min
Deep Health

Is This The New Cancer?

The world becomes more sedentary. Movement is no longer a priority. And with this incremental trend of our butt in our chair, the correlation to modern-day diseases is quickly made. Is this new new cancer?

The Thrive Approach - Taking Your Nutritional Time

Taking your Nutritional Time

We are all rushing through life like there is no tomorrow. Speed is time equals money relates to the demands of a modern world. We

The Thrive Approach - Yin anf Yang of Alcohol

The Yin and Yang of Alcohol

Alcohol is a macronutrient. It falls under the same group as carbohydrates, dietary fats and protein. It provides energy in the form of calories.


Does food make the world grow round?

The food industry really does not care for your health. And it wants to keep it that way for commercial gains. A reason why coaching may help you.

The Thrive Approach | The Best Meal to Skip when Fasting

The Best Meal to Skip when Fasting

Regularly restocking your body with good or lesser preferred nutrients seem to be the trend of today. Skipping a meal, and which one, an option when dropping some kilos?

The Thrive Approach - My Five Pillars of change
Deep Health

My Five Pillars for Change

While I strategically stride along with some of my nutrition clients, the thought occurred how I approached my own change.

Happiness through Productive Time Management
Deep Health

A Day in the Life of…

Sometimes it feels like these 24 hours never end. Other days fly by with the speed of light.

The Thrive Approach - Fending Off Morning Habits 4
Deep Health

Fending Off Morning Habits

Morning routines are an extension of how your day will look like. Many forget the pitfalls by doing something which is so simple yet really effective.

Sharing is caring

Every few weeks, I write about new things related to nutrition and deep health. Like creating useful and trending content, your journey to thrive does not happen overnight.