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Throughout my journey, I have gathered a large amount of knowledge through my coaches, my own journey and by keep on learning.

I  update this page regularly with interesting articles about nutrition, movement and deep health. By sharing these stories, my goal is to remove some of the myths out of the world and give you some peer-reviewed and self-tested suggestions. These stories can also be found on my Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn page.

May some of these articles be your trigger to thrive.


The Powerhouse that is Protein

Knowing what protein does to you, and making a conscious decision not to go sub-par on this macronutrient can make or break your health journey.

Deep Health

Focus On This To See Results

Unbeknownst how little is needed to exceed expectations. This natural phenomenon is just what too many need more of to see results.

Deep Health

Survival of the Mentally Fittest?

We all have those rock-solid examples piled up in our portfolio. Unforgettable moments of what we anticipated as being the worst days of our lives.

he Thrive Approach | Are Internet-based diets the (short-term) solution?

Crash and Burn | Internet diets?

Impeccable six-packs, bikini models flaunting their size too-tight to-be-healthy contours, and the promise that it is achievable in record time.


Going Flat Out

Making every day count solidifies how we should live. After all, death is a certainty we all must face one day. We all want to

Deep Health

A Masked Solution?

The mask industry still moves on, even though we have left the pandemic years behind. Time to use these masks for a new pandemic?

Sharing is caring

Every few weeks, I write about new things related to nutrition and deep health. Like creating useful and trending content, your journey to thrive does not happen overnight.