Sharing is Caring

Throughout my journey, I have gathered a large amount of knowledge through my coaches, my own journey and by keep on learning.

I  update this page regularly with interesting articles about nutrition, movement and deep health. By sharing these stories, my goal is to remove some of the myths out of the world and give you some peer-reviewed and self-tested suggestions. These stories can also be found on my Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn page.

May some of these articles be your trigger to thrive.

The Thrive Approach - The Fitness Success Ratio

The Wellness Success Ratio

Wellness is the new fashion word. It is all this or nothing else. Or is there a next step when breaking the wellness barrier into the positive sense of the word?

The Thrive Approach -Warming Up for the Next Day
Deep Health

Warming Up for the Next Day

How tomorrow will be depends largely on how your evening is planned. Sounds a bit weird but denying your body’s internal clockwork is denying guaranteed success on many levels.

The Thrive Approach - The Best Investment You Can Make
Deep Health

The Best Investment You Can Make

We all can use some financial advise. There are plenty of sources out there who may know the best way to invest. My recommendation on what to invest in first.


And one, two, three…

How reliable is calorie counting? How accurate are food labels? The science of keeping track what you eat or drink is not as accurate.

The Thrive Approach - Get Your Shit Done
Deep Health

Get Your Sh**t Done

Satisfaction guaranteed! The joy of getting stuff done is more than the icing on the cake. Why?

The Thrive Approach - Are you fit enough to inspire
Deep Health

Are you healthy enough to inspire?

The amount of quotes connected good leaderships are uncountable. There is no shortage of inspiration. However, how healthy are you to lead by example?

The Thrive Approach - Topping it Up

Topping It Up

The temptation to top up on top of your nutritional intake is high. There is so much out there but is it always needed?

The Thrive Approach - Is this the new cancer (7)-min
Deep Health

Is This The New Cancer?

The world becomes more sedentary. Movement is no longer a priority. And with this incremental trend of our butt in our chair, the correlation to modern-day diseases is quickly made. Is this new new cancer?

The Thrive Approach - The mechanisms surrounding stress
Deep Health

That Thing We Call Stress

How do you define stress? Starting to binge eat or getting a massive head ache? We’re lost because we lack the knowledge how to attack stress head-on.

The Thrive Approach | Social Alcoholic Choices

Choose Wisely | Social Alcoholic Choices

My teenage years were filled with hanging out with friends, meeting each other during social events, and having late-night drinking binches. The unwritten rules for a sense of ‘belonging’ were largely associated around alcohol.

Sharing is caring

Every few weeks, I write about new things related to nutrition and deep health. Like creating useful and trending content, your journey to thrive does not happen overnight.