Conscious Disciplinary Actions

Motivation is fleeting.

It is an unstable constant in our lives. It comes and goes with the coming and going like ebb and flow. If we rely on motivation to arrive, you may wait for eternity to see tasks turn into goals. 

The arrival of motivation is great, I am sure we all can relate to this. We’re totally geared towards taking that first step. It feels like we can take on the trajectory to thrive with an abundance of energy and resilience to take on obstacles that were not there 24 hours earlier.

Why not take action 24 hours earlier to get that 1% better is then the question I often ask? 

“I was not motivated”.  I see…

Action is the right step. When we plan to take action, even if it is for 2 minutes, the changes that motivation flares up like adding kindling to a well-heated BBQ are increasing by a factor of 10. The feeling of achievement rises as we mindfully pursue the path to success. Is action enough to break the motivational chain and stay on course?

This is where discipline comes into play.

It’s great to see clients thinking and being inspired (motivation) by success stories and again going to the tailor to adjust their trousers; it get real when they reach out to me (action), asking for that intro call. When we move through the call and assessing the ready, willing and able status, we are on the verge of kicking it up a nudge.

Just like time, I see discipline as some form of currency – a currency of confidence. The value of breaking habits consistently is an enriching one. Actions become automated and time spent creates confidence. With confidence embedded – trust the process you and me have set out – the rate of succession becomes almost tangible.

Discipline does not fade as it is a trait that you can fall back forever. Adding discipline to your daily routine ensures you are choosing tomorrow over today. As a client, you almost start to the taste of the unmeasurable power of discipline.

Discipline is putting how you see your future-self and shining the brightest light onto it. The rest still plays a role, but will go for the Oscar for “Best Supporting Actor /Actress in your Leading Movie”.

Agree, discipline is not an easy feat to master, and that’s what coaching is all about. Coaching may take you out of your part comfort zone into a state of temporary discomfort, and that is the reason why you took action in the beginning. We are reframing the term discomfort by taking comfort in discomfort. This is an essential part of building discipline. It does no longer build up to turn into a trait; it will be a choice.

Creating processes and systems to illuminate discipline require a sense of accountability. You and you alone must choose to embed habits into your daily routine. In the end, it is not where you want to end up (and reset your goals to move on to the next peak) but getting comfortable with the processes and needed adjustments to thrive. Love the processes by cementing discipline in your daily life and you will fall in love with them.

The term discipline is so tightly connected with consistency it becomes the Siamese Twins of your routines. It is no secret that habits breed consistency, be it good or less desirable ones. Another affirmation of the unmeasurable power of discipline.

Just try to build discipline does not lead to success. Especially when going on your own. Your environment, your social network, your family; they may not have the discipline to keep you on track. Discipline takes a lot of effort to construct, whether it relates to weight loss or improved sleeping routines. 

Discipline unleashes an unmeasurable power that is the spark plug that keeps your engine of habits moving.

Keeping yourself accountable is the hardest part. Skidding off is easy, especially when stepping on board with me. And that is totally understandable. It is not only fuelling some discomfort, it is also about the perception of the chance itself. And complexity is the last thing you want to tackle – you will never sustain discipline when taking on 6 tasks at the same time.

Besides helping you staying accountable, I will help you create structure and habits that fit your lifestyle. It that discipline I built in why I am doing what I am doing.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. | Jim Rohn

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